Welcome to the "Theres No Place Like Home" hunt! A grid wide hunt in Second Life. In this hunt, you will be looking for a ruby slipper, (like the ones Dorothy Gale stole from the Wicked Witch under the house) The gifts may be anything from homes, to gardens, to furniture and decorative accessories for your home, or, full perm textures and sculpts (they will fit the theme). There are no avatar items, ie; no skins, hair, shapes, clothes etc. Also, no poses that so many hunts are full of. You can guarantee that all prizes will be to the same level of quality that the store sells. This hunt is "INVITE ONLY" and will only accept applications I have personally handed out.

The hunt will run from Jan. 15th through Feb. 15th, with hints released on this blog at 12:01 am Jan 15th 2011.

I look forward to seeing you all in JINXED! Hunts (hunters edition) found in my in world profile, or joinable from any hunt poster at all participating stores.

Thanks! and HAPPY HUNTING!
Hioh Jinx, Founder and C.E.O.

Friday, January 14, 2011


If there is no hint listed, one wasnt turned in to me. If you need any extra help, please Join the hunt group IN WORLD for help, its in my profile :D HIOH JINX

Sher's Cottage Garden - NONE NEEDED

Dania's House and Garden Paradise - SKIP

Deep Blue Sea Designs -"dancing among the flowers is always fun"

Texworks - "No Lions, no bears, but Tigers! ...oh my!"

Amulet - Good Fraking Luck :)

FancyThat - BEIGE IS ALWAYS IN! Just ad a pop of red here and there, and under there too!

Southern Bella - You'll be BEAMING when you find this one!(see hunt group notices for new LM)

[M] - MOVED TO TGI 50L, Im DOWN with that!

NoName Sofa's - Blush till your RED looking at this art!

Where Worlds Collide - "Shoe is cold in here! Anyone for a midnight snack?"

Universal Textures Studio - Nothing like a ray of light to see what you are looking for!

Primwynly - These shoes are too dressy for work. I'll just kick them off where no one will notice I'm not wearing them.

B&S Designs - SKIP

Dakota Touch - taking a nap, HEY! WHO PUT THIS THING UNDER MY PILLOW!?

FIN *RELIVE THE FIFTIES*- "Aunty Emme was most always right at home in this room"

Casa Bella - "Was it pot luck Dorothy took the Yellow Brick Road"?
(see hunt group notices for new LM)

S-tylistic-Era -ohhh, the last girl must have lost her shoe while cuddling.
I hid it under that bench, 'cause its raining again.

Arkigrafx - By the window

Baffle! -SKIP

Cheeky Pea - I'm travelling light and only packing one shoe.

Sacred Roses - "What we all need when we come home after a long hard day"

Mattie Rae's Indigo Dreams – NONE NEEDED

USC Texture Tomb & Hunters Paradise – HINT GIVER ON LOCATION

Green and Wild - Look to the centre near the bench...

UrbanizeD - "If you land somewhere, you better always look up... sometimes you see the light..."

Mavens Home Furnishings -"time is running out for you to find this gift"


Fabulous Finds - If you had to stranded at Sea this may help you AND TWO DOORS DOWN @ GG’S HOUSE AND GARDEN : Down the long dock and to your right,
You won't fall in the water unless you are tight
Take these steps and you will find
GG's gift for you, it's one of a kind.

Ravens Heart - Harry Potter aint the only one who lives under here!

Tree House Treasures- See Hint Giver for current hint

Triple Moon Market - Kneel before the alter and ask your Godess where its at

Cupids Textures - Take Care not to Trip Going Up Them

Laneybug's Creations - Look high, look low
Could be near a gazebo.
But maybe look left,
Or to the right.
Oh! Right there in plain sight!

Cleo Design - I am on a pillow ,waiting a prince who is searching his princess, or a princess:) who is searching her other shoe;)

*Wicked Garden* - "i am hiding with the other nic-nacs"

Roawenwood – CLICK FOR HINT

Prims 4 U - Like attracts like
but not always in shape
Look for common ground

NGC Homes - "There's no place like an Island Home for relaxing in style."

.:Dakota:. You spin me right round baby right round

Grim Bros. - up, up, get into gear!

Arctic Greenhouse - "Silly red slipper, get down from there and quit trying to build a nest! You are a slipper, not a bird!"

Finishing Touches – Home is where the HEART is

G-Series* - SKIP

"Melia" - On bench. Back of cushion.

LovEly Designs - "May Spring see her Beauty in her Mirror"

Eternal Blessings - "This is not just a place where Toto was hidden!"

FD Décor - "If you get lucky, you might find your prize!"

Varriale Designs - The Pachyderm is a "shoe in" for the reward...

!!!BrickWerkz!!! - "In TriBeCa Deopt at the end of the yard,
Kilroy Dunsmore is working hard! "

PRIME - Talk to the guy in the corner.

Dolome Designs - HINT GIVER, click accept when you land

Sleepy Hollow Farms - "Must be a hot foot"

Immagination - Little Darling sit here a moment.

Laridian Designs - "Hunter's exhausted? Surely not! Taking a seat might hit the spot(s)!"

Rehatched – See hint giver for current hint

{what next} - "nice day to sit outside on a park bench"

Concrete Flowers - connect with a ghost to find it

Niamhinations! - SKIP

.::OneGrid::. - Suntan at the Seaside

Bella Terra – NONE NEEDED

Homes With a Heart - Vanilla will suit Moonlight Gables perfectly

Sissy's Animations FP for builders – DROPPED OUT

Echo's Creations - To some a home is clean and bright
to others a place to sleep the night
Some prefer a home on the beach
yet others like theirs high up out of reach
To me good "music" makes my home happy and chipper
Find the source, and you'' find the red slipper

Mudhoney - Take a seat before you enter

Real Living - SKIP

[Leezu!] Furniture - SKIP


.::La Flat::. - Perhaps you'd be thinkin' you could be another Lincoln if you only had a brain. But- what else could you be doing?

Mushporium - Think inside the box.

POST - The Witch got what she deserved

K.O. Framelight - They finally got to the city of green
But were turned away for the wizard was mean
A slipper of red is the prize that awaits
It could well be atop of an old shabby crate.

Thistle Homes - "It's easier to take off your heels before climbing a ladder"

KISMET – You'll never be blue when you snuggle with your baby on blue, or green, or red, or orange, or whatever color you like best!

Love My Textures - Somewhere over the Asian Lighted Rainbow is where you'll find me!

Maven Homes - "dorothy really needs to powder her nose in this ultra modern corner home"

SABOTIAN - I put this shoe inside something, can you help me find it by opening doors

Park Place Home Décor - Look to the sea (downstairs)

Limehouse - head to the basement .....but don't forget your rubber gloves!

Italica I.D. - "Let's play... a little!"

Houses For You – See hint giver in store

Shabby Tabby - Red is my favorite color!

Sahi Designs - Kick off your shoes and enjoy a nice lunch on me.

KOSH- take a seat

Hanaya - “its all about the shoes”

Yellow Submarine Homewares - the shoe to get home lives near the tower of houses

Obsidian Desires - "It's in his hands"

The Kozy Kitty - Dorthy was in the "back alley" hiding from the wicked witch and some how one of her shoes fell off can you help her find it before the wicked witch does?

Textures by Correy & Night - Look for red on red.

Black Karbon - The voodoo queen watches over me. Below the tree and near the light.

Ruths Creations - I think someone lost me as they went in the back door.

Que Sera, Sera – no longer in the shoe, but set for free behind the sign.

Visions Gallery - "Main store, upstairs, where there is only one grandfather clock."

Tranquility Way Station Designs - She must have lost it near where she was reading....

Just A Pose - Looks like some naughty lady lost her shoe in these cushions! MOVED!

C&D Designs - Styled Living - "Lady in Red"

Bad Katz - I don't think this shoe quite matches this outfit...and I'm not sure it will fit either...

Mindgardens Creations - On your journey to Mindgardens Creations, you will have the ability to find four prizes. The first prize is located at the entrance on top of the hunt sign. Be sure to pick it up to get your first prize and your next clue.

Croire – A little birdy told me

Twisted Thorn Textures - Cinderella lost her slipper on the way down the stairs...

POCKET GARDENS - "Make a country impression upstairs"

NUX SYSTEMS - Stairs are too much work, just take a TP!

CACHE - Welcome home!

Ali's Textures & Sculpties (Fantacy China)- i am near the pillars picture ,above the single

Mackenzie Designs - "The king put Cinderella's slipper next to his treasure chest for safekeeping"

ZOE'S GARDEN - See which way the wind is blowing to find this slipper.

Royal Thai Gallery - " Fly due east to the home on the hill where I am warming by the large fireplace."

Painfully Divine – DROPPED OUT

Angelic Designs - Into the store,then out you go,into the courtyard,not scared at all,taming the lions to get your reward !

House of Alcott - The ruby shoe is nearly there where it belongs to!

*~*HopScotch*~* Go up and take a walk in the grass

De Baza - "Cats like to sit near warm places"

Omnis Home Sales - "To market, to market, to market we go!"

HAPPY HOMES - Let there be light (The TP Boards at landing point are not needed to find hunt object)

LOTTIE - It's where Cinderella lost her shoe.

Kuroi ::KK:: Koneko - Mmmmm Candy!

Lantian - you can click for a clue, but why not just sit and look at its backside instead? ya may get quite a show!

Jaded Homes Design - Point set match!

METAPHYSICAL MERCANTILE - Vases large and small can be found, but only one is green & gold.

Saturnine Dreams - This hunt should give you something to hoot about!

The Unicorn Cheese Factory - Pressing all the right buttons can take you high, but it can still be useful to have friends in low places.

Epic Toy Factory - Welcome to epic, THE TOYMAKERS home
throughout my Toybox you now do roam...
Up and down and round about...
But first how to get there you must figure out.
The Little Red Mushroom upon you must sit...
Now choose from the menu, a button to click
Oh :-)) Which one I hear you demand,
If I where you I would click wonderland.....
Now you are hear, oops no there! in a garden of splendor,
You must now wait for the large hat to render,
The hatter did throw it down on the ground,
Over a flower so you could lie down...
Oh from this place you get quiet a treat,
Is that a present I see down by your feet
Take it and wear it, now upon it do click,
Inside is a note with lickity split,
Click on that now and away you shall fly
To a place that really catches my eye...
A playground of most unusual things,
here you must look to seek out a swing.
ahhh there, I see the fae have just taken tea
and have as requested left a slipper from me....
A beautiful red slipper, all ashine and aglitter,
In amongst the flowers where fae love to flitter.
Smiles as now you hold onto your Gift,
and the landmark it gave you, you next speedy lift...

Wishing you a smile...Mayah Parx
La' Toymaker

Please note :
We hope you have enjoyed Hunting with the Epic toy Factory.
Please if you have any frustration in following our clue. Do not hesitate to drop me an IM or a notecard so we can assist you.

Phoenix Fire Designs - "Dorothy used a house...I used something heavier."

TempT - Up amongst the nests I lay , I really like to sleep all day.

Designer Prims - What's Under The Stairs?

Never You Mind - Look for your Shoe in the Building thats blue.

aQ creating lifestyles - Unto the East Dorothy must go,
For a bucket of water
On the scarecrow she must throw.
As was taught her,
T'is on the beach ...
Not out of everyone's reach!

The House of Pears - She was in such a hurry to get changed that did not see that she had forgotten her shoe in the changing room

Splendid Monkey Designs - Home is where my shoes are. And I keep losing mine under here.

JE Club Equipment - JOIN in the fun

Dreamscapes Art Gallery – See Hint giver in store


Xen Builds - Congratulations, welcome to the final place - so make yourself at home, curl in by the fireplace, as you know there's no place like home!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

These are the FABULOUS vendors you can expect to see in THERES NO PLACE LIKE HOME, House and Garden Hunt

Sher's Cottage Garden
Dania's House and Garden Paradise
Fancy That
Southern Bella
Where Worlds Collide
Cheeky Pea
Sacred Roses
Mattie Rae's Indigo Dreams/Bella Terra
USC Texture Tomb
Green and Wild
Mavens Home Furnishings
Copper Sun
Fabulous Finds
Ravens Heart
Tree House Treasures
Triple Moon Market
Cupids Texxtures
Finishing Touches
LovEly Designs
Eternal Blessings
FD Decor
Varriale Designs
Dolome Designs
Sleepy Hollow Farms
Laridian Designs
{What Next}
Concrete Flowers
.::La Flat::.
Thistle Homes
Maven Homes
Park Place Home Decor
Italica I.D.
Houses for You
Shabby Tabby
Sahi Designs
Mindgardens Creations
[LeeZu!] Furniture
-Hanaya- Yummie Collectables
Arctic Greenhouse
NoName Designs
Grim Bros.
C&D Designs - Styled Living
.::ONE GRID::.
NGC Homes
Homes With a Heart
Prims 4 U
Yellow Submarine Homewares
*Wicked Garden*
Cleo Designs
Laneybug's Creations
Just a pose
TWS Designs
Obsidian Desires
The Kozy Kitty
Real Living
Universal Textures Studio
B&S Designs
Dakota Touch
Casa Bella
Que Sera, Sera
FIN *Relive the Fifties*
Textures by Correy & Night
Echo's Creations
Sissy's Animations - Full Perm for Builders
Designer Prims
Black Karbon
Ruths Creations
Ali's Textures & Sculpties (Fantasy China)
Mackenzie Designs
The Mad Hattery
Painfully Divine
Angelic Designs
House of Alcott
De Baza
Kuroi ::KK:: Koneko
Jaded Homes Design
Saturnine Dreams
The Unicorn Cheese Factory
Epic Toy Factory
TempT Homes
Never You Mind
aQ creating lifestyles
The House of Pears
Splendid Monkey Designs
JE Club Equipment
Dreamscapes Art Gallery

More locations will be added as they return applications.